Ted and Don Richards founded BSI in 1990 with a desire to “do construction” in a different way - to ask a different question. Instead of asking “What should the client get in the way of service”, we decided to ask, “What does the client want?”

What we discovered is that they all pretty much wanted the same things: start on time; finish on time; complete the project on budget; clean up the job site; inform them of what is going on; provide a quality product; always be responsive to their calls or concerns; and always tell them the truth. Since then, with a very long list of happy customers, we haven’t changed much about the way we do business. Sure, technology has changed and made us more productive. But it’s our people: people who have proven, year after year, that they are more committed to the quality of their work than the quantity of their reward. Many of them we have been working with for more than a decade–some of our design staff from the very beginning, more than 2 decades ago. And, we’re not done yet!

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