At BSI, Every Project is Executed Through a 5-Step Process.

  1. The Initial Consultation is our very first visit to your home, where we’ll discuss the project you have in mind, as well as your design options and ballpark budget requirements. This meeting should help you get a better understanding of your design possibilities and the associated costs. Your questions will be answered and our services, process, and current project schedule will be explained. If you decide it’s for you, you move to Step 2 – Conceptual Design.
  2. Conceptual Design begins with a second visit to your home to photograph and measure the proposed affected areas of the property. With the measurements we create an as-built drawing of existing conditions. With the as-built drawing, the photos, and the notes from the initial consultation, we can put our design team to work creating your own customized conceptual design. After the first rendering is prepared, we meet a 3rd time for a conceptual design review. Here, we discuss the design and red-line the drawing for possible changes. This helps both of us work productively toward a successful end. After the design review meeting, we will adjust the design according to the meeting notes, estimate the costs, and produce a Purchase Agreement which will be executable with signatures and a deposit. The Purchase Agreement will describe your project over as many as 23 categories of work, provide a specific price and payment schedule, and give you a timeframe for the commencement and completion of your project. At this point, you’ll know what you need to know to make an intelligent decision about moving forward. There is a separate fee for the Conceptual Design part of the process and it is based on the estimated job cost. This fee is applied to the purchase price if the client moves forward with the construction of the project. This is a more affordable way to get through the conceptual drawing phase of the design process.
  3. Design Development begins with an executed agreement, and in most of our agreements there is an allowance item for a certain number of design development hours. We include time in our agreements for you to meet with design staff to make design and product choices that you may need help making. There are also allowances for things like cabinets, countertops, appliances, and plumbing and electrical fixtures. Your agreement will have included allowances for items like these and the allowance amounts will mirror the price level you requested in previous discussions. All these must be chosen, sourced, and priced, and working with one of our designers makes the process much easier! When final design and product choices have been made a Change Order can be produced which reflects the change (if any) in the scope of work since the original purchase agreement. Then we can prepare a Field Binder and a completed set of drawings and specifications. The last step in Design Development is the Pre-Construction meeting. In this meeting you’ll meet your project supervisor, and the project, in its entirety, will be recapped in his and your presence. This is the formal hand-off from Design to Construction, and it is designed to be seamless in its execution.
  4. Construction is, of course, the actual execution of the work described in your agreement. One thing you can be sure of: a project supervisor, your point-person for every day stuff on the job, will be there to direct all the traffic of vendors and subcontractors. There will be no separate coming and going of subcontractors; no hiding of keys, etc. He will supervise, work, meet inspectors, respond to jobsite questions you may have, and maintain a BSI level of order and cleanliness. And, you can always reach out to anyone else at BSI too, if you want to; we are a team. Your project supervisor will only have one project to manage when he is at your project – he will not be drawn away by other commitments. What should you expect from the Construction Process? You should expect the project do begin within the stated timeframe, be completed within the stated timeframe, be executed professionally to plan…..and you should feel like you got all you were promised or more than you expected in the way of service. You should be glad you chose BSI! That is our goal on every project!
  5. Post-Construction is a very important period for a client. Will they be forgotten, or worse, ignored? Will they have help during their warranty period? Will they have help after their warranty period is over? You can’t really know the character of a company until you see their service when there is no money left to collect. At BSI, we built a reputation for always taking the phone call, always helping, and always trying to make every effort to develop a very long relationship of mutuality with our clients. It is in our client’s interest and it is also in ours. We know that taking care of you is taking care of us. And we’re not just saying that!

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